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  Wolf is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 San Rafael - Our Wolf double wall oven is only 4 years old. After using the self cleaning mechanism, it has not been the same. The electronic controls blink wildly and stop working. Then, they come back on and behave normally, only to break down again. Worse, there is no online help for issues on Wolf products as they arise. This is true not only for our Wolf oven but also our Wolf outdoor grill. After buying top of the line Wolf appliances, I expected quality product and service. We did not get either. Wolf and SubZero, be ashamed. We will tell everyone we know that your product and service are inferior.

Belvedere - I purchased the 48" Wolf Range with Dual Ovens model no. R48 back in 2006 and paid around $10,000 for it. Last night I was preparing dinner and I was about to put something in the bigger 30" oven, but when I opened the door a burst of flames came out. It burnt my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and the upper left side of my face was stung. I was thrown backwards and my back, neck, right shoulder and left elbow hurts. When checking the website, I came upon recalls on the smaller 18" oven describing the exact problem that happened to the 30" oven that was never recalled.

Larkspur - I have two Wolf Ovens, one Wolf electric Oven, self cleaning and one Wolf gas Oven, not self cleaning. Purchased in 2009.. Both have large chips coming off the bottom of oven,. Wolf calls them tiny cracks called Crazing,. Mine are not "tiny"?. They won't even offer to come see|. They tell me it will not affect performance! It certainly affects the appearance and at this rate of cracking it won't be long before the whole bottom of oven is involved.. Part of the purchase of "high" end products are the appearance|. I can't believe this is ok'. I am unhappy about lack of concern from Wolf


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