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  Whirlpool is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

Mill Valley - Whirlpool Gas ranges need service technician again
Purchased a 1000.00 range from whirpool and the burner caps are all peeling- called customer service told me not under warranty item is cosmetic and you would have to purchase new ones. Range is less than 6 monthes old !!! Do not purchase Whirlpool ever !!!

Fairfax - Will not last past warranty - Whirlpool Range
Purchased a new Whirlpool range one and half years ago. The oven igniter has went out, with only light use (4-5)times a week. I called and emailed Whirlpool, since I did not buy the extended warranty there is nothing they will do. They do not stand behind their products at all, I only wanted them to send me the part for free. If a brand new stove does not even last two years that is not right. I either got a defect which they denied or that means their products are junk. They are very rude when they talk to you, and all they will talk about is the warranty. Please do not buy any Whirlpool products.

Novato- 30" Whirlpool electric range Model WFE381LVQ - Electric range
I bought this model range Aug 2010. I always buy Whirlpool products and have been happy with them. I had a ceramic top stove before this one and loved it. This one, however, is horrible. The ceramic top is impossible to keep clean. I clean before and after use. Grease, etc sticks and you have to clean several times before it comes off. The accubake is not very accurate. Everything gets done way too quick. Cakes burn on the bottom and are undercooked in the middle. I bake from scratch and use cake mixes and both bake the same way. Cookies burn. Chicken, etc is overdone. The steam clean is a waste of time. It does nothing!! I would not recommend this stove. Keep looking and try another brand. I wish I had.

Kentfield - Junk - Whirlpool Electric Range
The 1st part of Oct,2010 I brought a smooth top electric range. I chose your brand because I brought the same kind of stove about 6 years ago & have never had any problems with it. Since Oct, I have had to have 2 sensors replace. This morning the stove started to beep and I could not use any button on the control panel. I shut the power off & when I turned it back on it was OK for about five min. and started to beep again with the control panel locked up. I did the procedure two more times with the same results. I can not get a repair man till Feb 21,so I am afraid to use the oven. Am I going to have this problem all the time? I talked to a foreman who worked at Webster City, IA. and is now working in Mexico, where you moved the plant to. He told me "Good Luck", cause they were making junk. This stove was not any cheaper with the labor cost lowered but the quality is junk. I am in need of a new washer and dryer, but it will not be a Whirlpool. Why should I spend my money on a product made in Mexico, instead of the USA, when the money I made I made here not in Mexico.

Marin City -Gas Range Complaint - Whirlpool Gas Range only 2 1/2 yrs. Old
I purchased a Whirlpool gas range and before the year warranty was over I had to have the ignitor replaced. 1 and 1/2 yrs. later the same ignitor is bad again and had fallen into the stove. I called the company and they can do nothing for me. They have no tech on staff who could walk me through on how to raise the lid to fix the problem. There are screws on each burner and will the other ignitors come out? They offered no help except to call a service man which I cannot afford and it is not my fault that the ignitor is bad already. I did not get the extended warranty, I have had several appliances and not once did I have this much problem in such a short time. I believe that they should have offered to fix the problem with their paying the bill. I told them that there were only 2 clips on the ignitor that was replaced and the others had 3. I believe that the service man broke one when he fixed it the last time.

San Rafael - Whirlpool Dryer Less Than 4 Years - Whirlpool Repairs needed again
I bought Whirlpool Duet in 2007, in less then 4 years electrical dryer stop working. Technician said control board. What is going on with Whirlpool I am not going to buy the dryer every 3 years. Before this one I had Maytag Duet for 14 years never a problem. If you can't make it right, may be you should go back to your previous models.

Sausalito - Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Worthless
My new $700.00 Whirlpool Cabrio dryer is a piece of junk!!! Been repaired 4 times in a year, leaving me without a dryer for weeks at a time waiting on repairs and parts. Whirlpool refuses to replace it, Lowes refuses to replace it and I am stuck with a piece of junk. Have to keep an old dryer to use when the new one is down. Repaired the same thing - overheating, blowing fuses, etc 4 times. Inside of dryer is blackened from the heat. Dries everything on high, wrinkling and ruining my clothes!!! When it catches fire I'm going to sue Whirlpool and Lowes for not replacing it!!!!

Lucas Valley - Nothing but problems, I wouldn't buy whirlpool products again! - duet washer and dryer
I bought a Whirlpool duet steam washer and dryer about four years ago and I have had nothing but problems with both of them. My clothes come out stinking even if they didn't before they went in. The clean cycle hasn't worked right since I bought them, I put the Clorox in and it fills with cold water then dumps out and agitates back and forth with no water in the machine. The dryer cuts off in the middle of the cycle and lights flicker on and off. I have had them checked over and over by Sears and several hundred dollars later same problems. I don't mind paying 2,600.00 for the washer and dryer if you get good service from the mashines. Whats wrong these days!!! Things used to last. Mike :(

Belvedere - Whirlpool washer WFW9500TW01 MCU problem
This washer is 2 1/2 years old, and our fourth set!!!! Starting malfunctioning intermittently a few weeks ago, showing the F71 and F70 codes, then would not start. Would also stop mid wash and the controls would "go into sleep" mode. Called in Whirlpool repair tech, who diagnosed the problem as the micro computer (these fault codes point to a communication problem between the user interface/s and the micro computer)so part was ordered and installed a week later, on the understanding that we would own the part and it was non-returnable!! I had in the meantime been able to get a few loads done by unplugging the machine and re-setting the controls

Sausalito - Horrible - Whirlpool Duet Front Loading washing machine
As with the others who have posted here, I would caution anyone considering buying a Whirlpool appliance, based on my experience. 18 months ago I purchased this new, front loading washer. I am a single person, living alone and don't do laundry for anyone else. I wash 2 to 3 very light loads per week (sometimes less), use soft water, etc. About a week ago I noticed a very loud noise coming out of the washer on spin cycle. I called an authorized repair shop and the repairman came by today. He informed me that a bearing was going out and that the repair bill would be $1120.70. He strongly urged me to call the Whirlpool warranty center to see if they would extend the warranty, given the circumstances. I called and--you guessed it--they essentially told me to stick it. To say that I am dissatisfied in an extreme understatement. Based on my experience, I would encourage everyone to select a different manufacturer.

San Rafael - Whirlpool Slide-In Gas Range - Poor Quality - 30" Whirlpool Gold Slide-in Gas Cooking Oven and Range
BENTON HARBORI, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool Gold 30" Slide-in Gas Oven and Range in 2004 from Lowe's. I had to have multiple repairs made to the oven/range in 2005 -2007. I asked both Lowe's and Whirlpool to replace the oven/range because I felt this particular one was a "lemon". Both Lowe's and Whirlpool declined to replace the product. The oven thermostat fails to work at random, thus, sometimes the oven heats continuously without regard to temperature and my food ends up being scorched on the outside and raw on the inside. The product has been a complete disappointment and it was not cheap ($1,200+). I would never consider buying a Whirlpool Gold appliance again and would never consider buying any cooking appliance from Lowe's.

San Anselmo - Glass Top Whirlpool Stove difficult to clean and easy to scratcg - Whirlpool Stainless and Black Glass Top Range WFE361LVS0
I recently bought a Whirlpool Glass Top stove without doing my usual research (except to know that Whirlpool is usually a good brand), which has turned out to be a huge mistake. So I want others to know about this stove. Because the top is shiny, it shows the slightest scratch and it scratches pretty easily. Also, it is extremely difficult to clean. Even using a designated cleaner for glass stove tops, I have to apply it 3 or 4 times on some stains and then use all my strength to scrub it for it to come off. Also, the glass top cleaners are toxic and my lungs hurt after I use them (I have weak lungs).The other thing about this model is that while the oven is on, the digital clock reverts to only showing the temperature of the oven. We use the oven clock to tell the time for baking, but we have to push a button that says clock to see the time and then it automatically switches back to displaying the baking temperature, which we already know because we set it. I have called Whirlpool and they said nothing can be done about that.
Also, I called them to see how much it would cost to replace this cooktop and the cost is $305 plus tax, shipping and handling, which is not cost efficient. I am getting a used stove to replace this new stove. When you go to buy a stove, I do not recommend this glass top. That does not say anything about Whirlpool's reliability, since I have only had the stove for almost 3 month.

Corte Madera - Whirpool Stove Discoloration After Self Cleaning - 2008 Whirlpool Electric Range
I purchased a Whirlpool Electric Self Cleaning Range in 2008. When I used the self cleaning feature on my stove, to my horror it left my beautiful white stove with a a yellow brown staining on the the top of the oven door as well as on the control panel. My stove looks awful and I have learned that other buyers are suffering the same experiences! Despite caring for my stove, it's very own feature ruined it's appearance. This is completely unsatisfactory and I would not recommend this stove to any consumer!

Tiburon - Oven and Broiler Died - Complaint
Bought a new house in 2006 with all Whirlpool appliances. Three and one half years later: Dishwasher burned out (motor) Range onen/brioler stopped working, refer is now making very loud noises when the compressor kicks on. Cost of repairs so far= $315 for dishwasher, $285 for the range and an estimate of $445 for the refer if the compressor goes out. I'm done with Whirpool and any brand they manufcture. These appliances just shouldn't fail this quickly. I'll buy Samsung from now on.

Fairfax - Whirlpool Cooktop noisy, hard to clean - RF263LXTQ3
Installed one month ago, This replaced a 30 yr old Whirlpool range. The pots and pans rattle on the cooktop; same pots we used on the old range with NO noise. The elements are VERY difficult to unlatch and raise for cleaning purposes.

San Rafael - Poor quality - Whirlpool refrigerator and cooktop
I've replaced my refrigrator and cooktop this summer (2009) with new black Whirlpool appliances-looks great or did. Neither measures up to what I had before which was Kenmore. The cooktop has only high and low heat eventhough the knobs shows sittings between and it cannot be cleaned. I've followed all the instructions and what others who have difference brands but nothing works. The refrigrator's ice crusher has already broken and I have to constantly change the sittings for the freezer and the refrigrater side as one day everything freezes and then in a couple of days everything is warm...I will never buy Whirlpool again.

Kentfield - Whirlpool! - Dishwaher GU2700XTSY for $600.00 is not worth the money!!
I bought a Whirlpool appliance package for a new home and spent over $5000.00 for what I thought was quality appliances. My dishwasher is less than 3 years old and the front panel has gone bad and the repair company has told me it would cost alomost $300.00 to fix it. My washing machine also failed the second week I had it due to a bad computer board. the dishwasher was originally a $700.00 dishwasher.

Greenbrae - Whirlpool Refrigerator Made with cheap, junk parts, not built to last - Fridge ER2CHMX
I'd like to be reimbursed for the money we've lost this year due to a poorly manufactured product. According to my repairman, Whirlpool uses cheap parts that don't last in manufacturing their products. This year, we've spent over $400 on repairs, and over $1000 in lost food. All this for a fridge we purchased 12/28/08. First, in April, the defrost timer was replaced. This was after we lost all our Easter food. Then, this week(September), the cold control was replaced. All the repairman had to do this time was tap gently on the cold control "box", and the fridge came on and off. What happened to the quality Whirlpool used to be known for? Now, cheap products, cheap parts, and poor customer service are the norm. Granted, this problem is found in ALL segments of products/service these days. I expect a new appliance to last a minimum of 10 years without repair, barring any natural disasters or customer misuse/accidental breakage. I am disappointed in the quality of my Whirlpool Refrigerator. Look for a non-Whirlpool brand for your next purchase, unless you have money to throw away.

Novato - Circuit panel replacement for double wall oven by whirlpool - Model # RBD275PDT14 bougth it in 2003
I Cannot believe the run around we have been getting from Whirlpool regarding getting a replacement part for our double wall oven. We bought it in 2003, have already replaced the circuit control panel once before (ORIGINAL PART #83001917 IS NOW PART #10244191) and now again the top oven controls went out first then two weeks later the bottom oven has done the same thing. We had a hard time locating the part the first time, and now we can't find it anywhere in the USA. (Exact words from the Whirlpool phone Rep.) who I must say had attitude. I said I will look into having the part repaired if that was the case, he said they cannot be repaired. Told me that they have stopped using certain vendors, when I asked what country these vendors were in that they were dealing with he said he was not at liberty to tell me. I still

Novato - Whirlpool Products are made to last TWO years? - Refrigerator - Model # GR2FMXVY 01
I bought a Whirlpool refrigerator (model # GR2FMXVY 01) two years ago, stainless steel by the way. I found out yesterday the compressor was leaking and it would cost in the area of $700.00 to be repaired. The serviceman told me that I just should buy a new one. Whirlpool's warranty is only ONE year on the sealed system. Not to mention being extremely angry, I lost all the food in the fridge too. I called the company and they said nothing they can do to help me. The Whirlpool Corporation, based in Benton Harbor, Mich., makes Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Gladiator products. The company has gobbled up Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Maytag and some Sears Kenmore. Avoid this company. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS! If you want much better quality - with a much better warranty, buy SAMSUNG or LG.

Fairfax - Bad refrigarator - Stainless steel top/bottom Whirlpool refrigerator
I paid $2300 for a french door top/bottom stainless steel Whirlpool refrigarator with ice and water in the door. The ice and water quit working after one month and the food in the refrigarator part started freezing. It took one month to get it supposedly fixed! They put in a new gasket system in the ice making part. It still does not work. I called Whirlpool customer service and talked to Rob. On asking him what caused this to happen he said just opening and closing the door can cause it.

Woodacre - Disappointed in Whirlpool appliances - Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, and stove
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In Feb of 2005 we bought a Whirlpool, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and stove. In less than 2 years the microwave malfunctioned and the cost to repair was so much we bought another microwave and an extended warranty. The 3rd year the mother board went out on the fridge and cost us $300 for parts and labor. The stove self-cleaning oven does not work. And just this week we paid $158.23 for the dishwasher. A $28 dollar fuse the rest for a call and 15 minutes of labor. We thought these appliances would last for years without problems. It is frustrating to keep re-paying for the appliances in repair costs. I think it has a lot to do with computer parts. The mother boards get moist or dusty and they blow. We are retired and do not abuse these products. If anyone knows of a great quality appliance please let me know. Growing up my parents had one set of appliances for 15 or more years, to include a washer dryer. And my microwave outer door cracks in the exact same place. It has been replaced 3 times. And has the beginning of a new one, just since Dec. It would be great if Whirlpool could do something for me.

Marinwood - Unhappy With Whirlpool Cooktop & Service - Whirlpool Cooktop Electric Stove STAINING
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Our home was completed the end of 2006 and came with a White WHIRLPOOL Stove with black cooktop. After we had used it for about a month we noticed a stain under the knobs where the vent is on the left. We called the company that our builder had purchased it from(Queen Appliance)They sent a tech out and they ordered a new bacl panel for the stove and told us it should not do that. A month later it had stained again and once again a new back panel was put on.

Ross - Whirlpool Fridge needs service technician- more repairs
In Febuary 2009 I moved into my house. The appliances that were in the house were badly taken care of. I decided to purchase a Stove, Fridge and Microwave. I bought Whirlpool I thought I was going to get a brand name and with all the advertising that Whirlpool does I decided to go with them. Thursday 8/12/2010 1 and a half years later I woke up to go to work and discovered that my Fridge was not working.A few days earlier I noticed that my milk was a little warm, but did not think anything of it as we are in extreme heat. Well needless to say my fridge went out. I called a service company to look at the fridge that morning, but could not get service till late afternoon. I had to replace the Blower @ $ 179.00. I lost all my food in the freezer and Fridge. I am not happy.

Larkspur - Whirlpool Washer - Brand New Washer
As I have viewed earlier, many of you have had the same problem that I have faced with Whirlpool. I bought a washer brand new and after 5 loads it would not spin anymore. The tech came, said it was the timer, ordered the part and said it would take 2 weeks. Two weeks later, the part was not in, so we phoned and complained to the executive (Jamie I believe her name is EXT 3241) She ordered a new washer to be delivered (after much arguing and fighting). The tech guy called about a week later and told us the timer had arrived, came out and installed the timer, however it was not the timer. Now it is one month without a washer, I call back, she tells me the washer is due to be delivered on Sept.6th. now the 14th and I still have no washer. IF YOU HATE WHIRLPOOL JOIN the I HATE WHIRLPOOL FACEBOOK GROUP!

San Rafael - Whirlpool Washer - Energy Star Top Loader WTW57ES
Purchased a new washer on 23 May 2009. The load sensing switch went out after one year and was replaced on 30 July 2010 at a cost of $100. One year later - 25 September 2011 it went out again. Called Whirlpool Corporation to find out why sensor quit after just one year and was told they don't know but there was nothing they can do about it. This is a 2 yr old machine used by one 56 yr old woman! I will never buy another Whirlpool product again. I had a Maytag machine for nearly 20 years and never had a problem. Whirlpool manufactures junk and they won't stand behind their products.

Lucas Valley - Burned twice in the first year of ownership - Front Load Washer MODEL WFW9150WW00
Wow, I wish I had found this website before I bought Whirlpool. My washer purchased in December of 2010 is now going under it's 2nd major repair. The first repair took almost 3 months to get it right. They replaced just about everything, the drum, the bearings, and much more. Can you believe it is now broken again, different service company, same mode of operation, blame the guy before them. I have read that other people had the same problem we have had where the spin cycle was very loud and that they took for ever to fix it. Now the motor broke off it's mount and leaked water everywhere. The technician also mentioned that they previous service guys cut out the safety relays and direct wired the motor. I have to aggree with the other posts: "DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL!!!!"

Fairfax - Worst washer ever and I have been around the block! - Whirlpool washer
Whirlpool Cabrio wtw5600xw is the worst washer I ever owned. I am so frustrated with this washer I don't even know where to begin. It does not wash clothes it soaks them! I am not kidding! I have to put a lot less clothes because the water does not even cover them. I have to bring clothes to the cleaners that I used to wash because they do not come out clean. I called Whirlpool no help whatso ever. they do not give a crap. they said they stand by their research. boy customer service has really hit an all time low. He said Whirlpool has not been in business all these years for nothing. I was thinking of selling it and taking a loss but I feel sorry for the new owner!Stay away, no whirpool for this family anymore! mY old machine that I had for years was much better.


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