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  LG is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

Novato - LG Appliances are crap - LG dishwasher and refrigerator
In March of 2008, my wife and I bought an LG dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Since that time, the heater in the dishwasher went out within 16 months of purchase. A couple of months later, the door spring broke and had to be replaced. We paid about 700.00 for the dishwasher and have stuck about $450.00 into it. About two months ago, the ice maker in the freezer broke causing water to pour all over the items in the freezer and then freeze solid. That was another $250.00 to repair. I will never buy an LG appliance, and urge anyone reading this complaint to do the same. Don't even think customer service is going to help out - they don't.

San Rafael - LG Appliances Bad - LG Range and Dishwasher
LRG30355ST Bought an LG freestanding gas range, dishwasher, refregerator, and microwave. Range looked handsome and had sturdy cast grates for the top. However the coating in the burner tops flaked off after a short time of using. LG reluctantly supplied replacements under warranty. Range plastic knobs are weak. Stove is out of warranty now and they want about $70/ea for replacement (plastic) knobs. LG now offers "stainless steel" knobs for $110/ea. It is $550 to replace the knobs on a $1000 stove. THAT SUCKS!!! LG can bite me. One more problem all LG appliences. It is wery thin and easy damageable. I do not recommend these products.

San Anselmo - LG Dishwashers and Stove Unreliable - LG Dishwasher & Electric Range
I purchased new LG electric stove and Dishwasher about two years ago and have had nothing but problems. They are both great looking appliances but the digital controls on the stove work intermidantly. You have no idea whether you will be able to turn the burner on when you go to cook. It is totally hit or miss. The dishwasher is a total waste of space. It turns on and runs for two hours pumping water and making soounds like it is working hard. When the cycle is complete you open the dishwasher to find the dishes are dirtier than before (how is this possible???). I had an LG cell phone and I thought it was wonderful. Maybe they should stick to the cell phones and give up on the large appliances.

Fairfax - LG Washer Model WM2077CM
The motor in my 5yr old $1000. LG washer just failed for the first time(I say first time because based on it's performance I don't expect it to be the last)The motor is covered under a 7yr warranty, however the control board ($84.65) associated with it, which LG says I must also replace (or the remaining warranty will be void)and the labor ($229.) is not. I suspect the board & motor cost LG $75. to manufacture, so they have covered their cost by charging me for a new board which my technician says shows no signs of failure. Meanwhile I'm stuck with a $313.65 repair bill. It's just my wife & I, & the biggest load this (so called heavy duty top of the line)machine has ever done is 2 king sheets & pillow cases.

Sausalito - LG Refrigerator that doesn't work. - Refrigerator Model LMX25964ST
On November 21, 2010, I went to Home Depot and bought a LG refrigerator (Model LMX25964ST) for about $1300. This is my first purchase of LG product. On January 5, 2011, the refrigerator was delivered and installed in my house. After the refrigerator was plugged in and after 24 hours, I noticed that the refrigerator will not cool down lower than 41-42 def F. The freezer temperature was OK. I had to call LG for warranty work on January 10, 2011. The repair personnel came and said that I needed to replace the damper assembly. On January 20, 2011, he replaced the damper assembly and it didn't fix the problem. The temperature in the refrigerator still remain around 41-42 deg F. Even lower the temperature setting will not do anything. I was informed by LG personnel on January 24, 2011, that I had to call back the repair center and have them come back and look at the problem again. On February 3, 2011, the repair personnel replaced the control circuit broad and temperature sensor. It didn't fix the problem. The coldest temperature that I can achieve inside the refrigerator is around 40.5 def. I will have to call back the repair center again.

Lucas Valley - So dissapointed - LG Refrigerator
I have just reached the two year mark in my new home with all new appliances. I purchased an LG bottom freezer refrigerator as part of my appliance package but everything else (dishwasher, microwave and range)is Kenmore. I got up Tuesday morning to go to work, packed my lunch and left. I came back home to a dark refrigerator. I mean dead!! No signs of life!! I have called 5 service companies and 3 are not taking anymore service calls at this time and the other two cannot get to me before 11/30 & 12/3. Right here at Thanksgiving and I have no refrigerator. I brought LG because it looked good and it had everything I wanted in it for the price I wanted to pay. Of course the warranty is expired and I can't even get through to their customer service which by the reviews sounds like that would be a waste of time anyway.

Mill Valley - LG French Door Refrigerator with water and ice dispenser
The ice maker leaks and does not work. It displays Er 1F, so this is not an unknown error. We are in our 6th month of trying to get it fixed or replaced. Horrible experience with LG "service". The first service company was inept, the second was at least polite. Both got in a "parts" loop where the wrong part or incomplete parts have been sent. Both have quit the problem and referred us back to LG service.
DO NOT BUY LG!!!!!! - LG Electric Cooktop / Convection Range


Life's not so good if you do. I purchased a LG smooth top electric/convection oven in October of 09 and paid almost $1300. Have had spots in the bottom of the oven for the past several months and the cleaning cycles, soap & water, will not remove them.

Strawberry - LG Washer Be Advised on going service- WM2032HW
2005 LG front load washer WM2032HW, delivered to new built home, price about $1,000.00+ after delivery. bearing in washer starts making noise early 2010, service technician finds crack in front outer tube that allows water to leak, that piece is $95.00, another $75.00 for bearings. Problem - they don't make the outer tub anymore, this unit came out on the market in 2004 and they discontinued making the tub for it.

Corte Madera - LG Dishwasher Needs Repairs
What a disappointing purchase - we bought the top of the line, stainless steel LG diswasher. Within 2 years it stopped working - had to pay $120 to get a repair person to tell me that the heating element was literally in pieces and would cost $200 just for the part replacement. When I called LG they were very unhelpful and told me as it was not insured they could do nothing for me. I complained that their product was faulty to begin with as this should not have happened in just two years of use.

Marin City - LG range sucks! - LRG30355ST
LRG30355ST Bought an LG freestanding gas range and paid about $1K for it. It looked handsome and had sturdy cast grates for the top. No flimsy stuff here. However the coating in the burner tops flaked off after a couple of months. LG reluctantly supplied replacements under warranty. Their customer service attitude sucked. First self-cleaning cycle we run causes the shiny plastic covering on the range knobs to act like shrink wrap and crinkle up and shrink from the oven heat. What?? Stove is out of warranty now and they want about $70/ea for replacement (plastic) knobs. I said no thanks. It's a known design defect and you should replace at no charge. LG did not replace the knobs so I'm stuck with the crinkly knobs on an otherwise serviceable range. To add insult to injury they now offer "stainless steel" knobs for $110/ea. Let's see... $550 to replace the knobs on a $1000 stove. THAT SUCKS!!! LG can bite me. I will never buy another one of their products under any circumstance.

Marinwood - Don't choose because of the pretty colors - LG front load washer
Bought the washer and dryer as most of us for the looks. Bad mistake. It will cost you money down the road. I am sitting here in the middle of week two without a washer. After paying a $170.00 service call to Sears and having to pay this money up front, I am frustrated. Pretty red and other colors, good appearance though. Don't keep up with the "Joneses" on this one. Most of us have heard of the mold problem and breakdowns. Oh and here's my favorite... The technician states (this is Sears mind you). "We don't stock, parts for LG washers because they are so new". It takes 2 weeks. My washer is 2.5 years old and it was some type of sensor. It wouldn't drain or spin the clothes. Unless you like laundry mats, then think again or get the extended warranty, which is a small fortune. Don't ask on the internet about how to fix either. Your wasting your time and some want money for this. I was a sucker, I know. (Ended up getting my money back because he took along time to answer and didn't get an answer.) Stick to the top loading washers and avoid the enticing front loaders.

San Rafael - LG Washer needs repair technician again
I purchased an LG washer in 2004..yeah, it sounds like a while back, but take into account I am a single woman doing one person's laundry...about one load every month. So now, after the near 7 years I have had it, it pops an LE code. Can't get rid of it. Got a bunch of wet laundry on my garage floor I've been trying to wash, hoping the code would finally go away as many people say it should. Mine won't. So I call service & they say sorry but you'll have to pay service to come fix it...things break. Even if the item that needs fixing is under warantee, I STILL have to pay service to fix it. I am on a tight budget and I can't express how hard this is hitting me. I can't afford to blindly approve someone to come "service" a washer and apply god knows how many hundred dollars worth of parts. The last supervisor I got on the phone said "this is as far as this call will escalate"...a pleasant way of saying "goodbye, go away, you'll have to pay 50% the value to have your washer fixed." I am furious because I know it worked fine before, and should work fine now. LG is a crap brand and does NOT stand behind their products. Consumer beware. I bought my fridge at the same time, probably the same month, and THEY replaced my fridge when they couldn't fix it. Maytag won't let you down, and LG will. So unless you are rich, be cautious buying a shiny new washer. Its of no use if it won't wash. and that's what I've got. Broke and dirty in of LG.

Belvedere - LG Dryer Model DLE0442W - Bad Dryer
I purchased a LG dryer model DLE0442W four years ago. The Stainless Steel Drum has developed a large crack/hole in the drum. This has caused me to replace the drum on a dryer that cost me $1,000 new only 4 years ago. I will never again by a LG product. This was supposed to be a premium product but I could have gotten a much longer life cycle out of a $300 store brand.

San Anselmo - Dryer does not work at all - lg dryer
I bought a dryer for about 1900 dollars in June of 07 the dryer went out completly in aug, and still ive had no luck in getting it fixed. what a poor company to do business with i hope the stores are listening because this is a poor product at a very expensive price. maybe they should stick to cell phones,oops more issues there too. buyer beware t5hanks.

Novato - Defective LG ice maker - LG Refrigerator LRSC26925SW
I bought this LG refrigerator LRSC26925SW with my HARD earned money and has had nothing but trouble with the ice over flows and the fill tray does not lay flat, it's tilted so the water runs out.. they "fixed" it once under warranty, it worked for a while now I am having ICE FLOWS in the entire freezer and had to shut it OFF. I wish the Lemon Law applied here. I can't wait to see how they are going to handle this... either fix it or replace it, but I'm sure I'm going to hear the "out of warranty" story. The one thing I can say for sure LIFE'S NOT GOOD!

Corte Madera - Extremely disappointed - LG Front Load Washer and Dryer
On Wednesday, Feb 27, I spent $1,844.00 on a brand new LG washer and dryer. We live in a small home, so I wanted it side vented. Delivery was set for Sat. Mar. 1. On Friday the store called me to tell me the men who delivered would not be able to side vent my dryer because you need a special part. First, they do not have the part, and second, their men are not licensed to install this part. Why didn't the store tell me this when I ordered it? I would have to go for probably a week with no dryer until they could get this piece installed.

Larkspur - LG Electric Stove Bombs - Electric Stove
Stay away from LG electric stoves. The company is selling a product it cannot service. We bought our stove just two years ago and the "bake button" quit working. Four buttons have just suddenly stopped working on the stove panel, and nobody has parts to repair it. This means that after just two years, we have to buy a new stove. Buyer beware: be sure someone in your area can service your appliance before you buy it. Things aren't made the way they used to be.

Fairfax - LG Dishwashers suck! - LG dishwasher LDS 5811ST
This is the third time in less than 4 years that the circulation pump needs to be replaced. Fortunately the first two times was under warranty but the last one lasted a bit more than two years so I'm out of luck. LG will do nothing even though its the same issue again and again. There ought to be lemon laws for appliances. Perhaps a class action suit against LG?

Novato - Stinking Dishwasher - LG Dishwasher
I bought an LG dishwasher, washer, dryer, and refrigerator. God help anyone else who ever does the same. It's a total nightmare!!! LG is the most unresponsive, hard to work with, inhuman, irritating company I've ever tried to work with. The dishwasher smells so bad I can hardly open it without gagging. I rinse all of my dishes off before I put them into the dishwasher and run a cleaner in the dishwasher periodically. Still, it smells to high heavens!!! I wish I had my old Whirlpool back! I bought these at Home Depot and they also have not been responsive. An LG repair person came to my home twice and said the dishwasher worked (mechanically) so they could not do anything about the odor. It was just my problem to deal with. I called LG and was very professional and kind. The customer service people were rude and would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. Never, have I been so frustrated. The sales people at Home Depot gave me a song & dance about how wonderful LG was. Whatever you do, don't believe them!

San Rafael - Motor Burns Out - LG Dishwasher
I purchased my LG dishwasher eight months ago from Home Depot. The sales person raved about the strong motor... I am now waiting for the second replacement motor and have been without a working dishwasher a total of two out of the eight months that I've had it. LG and Home Depot have not been helpful. They just want to keep replacing the motor. I don't usually write these things but I would like to save someone else the trouble. I doesn't make sense that there are Lemon Laws for cars but if your spend 800.00 on a dishwasher you have to be stuck with it. Save yourself the trouble and don't buy LG, especially from Home Depot who dose not stand behind the products they sell.


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