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 Hotpoint is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see. 
Novato - Hotpoint washing machine I have 18 months old Hotpoint cooktop of the range and washing machine for $1,100. I am absolutely appalled that this machine has completely shut down after just a short time. Mill Valley - Bad news, Hotpoint are bad..mmm-k! I bought my new home under 2 and a half years ago...brand new, with 5 brand new Hotpoint kitchen appliances...being an oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and washer / dryer. Needless to say, the fridge freezer is the only item that ever functioned correctly... San Anselmo - Very poorly engineered Hotpoint range and cooktop I bought a Hotpoint double oven in October 2009. On the morning of 25th April 2010 while cooking breakfast, I momentarily moved away from the range and there was an almighty bang. The grill had exploded shooting sparks and debris across the kitchen. Lucky I or another member of... Fairfax - Hotpoint refrigerator short on quality I bought a Hotpoint RLA84P refrigerator on 14/06/2006. Shortly after the guarantee expired the motor ran continuously and the contents froze. I paid 189.98 for a Hotpoint Technician to come out. He replaced the thermostat which corrected the fault. Novato - Nothing, but a problem with Hotpoint I would steer clear of this Hotpoint BF41 because of the low energy rating and high water use. Door seals leak. Very difficult to get parts, even so, very expensive.... Novato - Hotpoint Washer Machine not cleaning Our new Hotpoint washing machine is not doing a good job cleaning clothes. Clothes come up 1/2 unwet and with soap spots despide following all proper procedures when using the machine. Model # WPRE8150K2WT - SERIAL # RT1453526. We were much more happier with our old machine of 12 years depite all the claims made by the new machine about energy and water savings More... Sausalito - Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair problems I purchased a Hotpoint refrigerator . however within the last 5yrs that very fridge has broken down before my eyes several times. not only does it leak but many of the plastic parts have broken off and are unable to be fixed. i know general electric makes Hotpoint and to be a reliable brand but this fridge has caused me nothing but problems. everyday i usually have to mop up the leak and everyday the draws fall down this fridge is a disaster. the other brand of fridge i have downstairs is DCS over 20 years old. I hope you can rectify this situation. More... Belvedere - Hotpoint Washer / Dryer- GE Thumbs Down! We purchased a clothes washer from Home Depot with an extended warranty provided by GE. The washer was a lemon; being repaired 5 times and each time ruining clothing with rust and grease spots. Finally it was replaced by GE in Oct of 2010, which unbeknown to us never worked correctly. We had just assumed that the washer just didn't do a good job and learned to despise it. We called GE a month after receiving it. GE sent out this repair company who had to replace the main motor/transmission and main panel since it was shorting out and tripping... More... Bad motors Hotpoint washers uses GE motors that are going BAD all over the place in the pool and spa industry!!!!! More... Woodacre - Oven turns on by itself, then turns off - GE Hotpoint Stove Has anyone else experienced this problem----and do you know how to fix it? My gas oven (with electric starter) has been turning itself on for less than a minute, then turns itself off. This has been happening several times per day. I have a GE Hotpoint gas stove that is less than 4 years old. San Rafael - Defective products/no accountability to customers - Hotpoint Electric Range We purchased a Hotpoint Range in June 2003 for $600.00. At the beginning of April 2007 I was using the range and I heard a loud cracking sound and noticed a crack from corner to corner across cooktop. Ross - Failing Hotpoint Freezer I bought my husband a Hotpoint upright freezer in December 2004 and here it is, less than 3 years later and it is failing. I bought it at Lowes thinking I am buying a quality appliance that will last for years to come - but was I wrong. I have a GE refrigerator that is 15 years old that I have never had a problem with - and it is still ticking - and it was the 'economy' line!!! Kentfield - Hotpoint fridge need repairs again My Hotpoint refrigerator is less than 4 years old. It is so loud at times I can hardly hear my tv. Now the ice maker has completely quit working. After reading everything, I may just have to go buy a new one but not a GE product. Corte Madera - Hotpoint Refrigerator not cold We bought our Hotpoint in November 2004. We are only 2 working adults in the house, so the appliance is not overused or abused. Suddenly, last week, we noticed that the freezer was cold but not freezing, & the refrigerator compartment was cool but not cold. Novato - Hotpopint Refrigerator need service We have a Hoptpoint Refrigerator that was purchased in 2009 at HomeDepot. Model number is HSM25GFRF-SA Serial Number is FH218658 About two week's ago we started having prob with this appliance, the fan motor stopped working as well as the Ice / Water Dispenser. Everything melted in the top half of the Freezer, stayed frozen in the Bottom half etc. Larkspur - Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Broke down twice in 13 months I bought a Hotpoint dryer 2 years ago. After 7 months it developed a fault. I phoned Hotpoint. They replaced several major parts. The Hotpoint Serviceman even agreed that it would have been cheaper just to replace! He said that Hotpoint just have a policy of repairing. Anyway, 6 month later (machine now 13 months old) and it broke down again, it is out of warranty. The repair technician came out and fixed the machine (jockey wheel was loose - Tech said it was rare for a machine of this age to develop this fault - he said he had a few on machine 4 years + old). The part cost $23.50 but I was charged a service charge of $89. Fairfax - Will never buy Hotpoint products again I have the same sentiments as all the other complaints I have read. Every kitchen appliance from Hotpoint that I have purchased broke, Oven, Cooktop, Refrigerator and Dishwasher. I heard the CEO speak once about building their products faster but he doesn't realize faster does not mean better. Sausalito - Hotpoint Refrigerator bad after just one month We bought a Brand new Hotpoint refrigerator the end of April. It's now June 24, 2011 and my fridge just broke! I noticed the other night that my beverages were not cold but just cool. So I turned the temp down a little. The next day I go to get a drink and they were now a tad bit warm. So I turned the temp to as cold as it gets. Then I get home from work and the house stinks real bad so I open the fridge and EVERYTHING was spoiled! Tiburon - Hotpoint Range Won't Work! I bought a new Hotpoint stove that worked about six months and then quit. I called to get the thing fixed as they promise in the warranty but they don't seem to want to honor that warranty. I even bought an extended service plan which makes no difference to the customer complaints department of the place I bought it. Marin City - Hotpoint Appliance USED To Mean Quality I bought a Hotpoint stove for my kitchen remodel. I hadn't had it in place but a month before two of the top burners went out. They came and fixed it but then the same thing happened. Again, they came out and fixed it but that time I told them I wanted the stove replaced. Another month went by and it did it again!! I called and told them I wanted the stove replaced since this had happened three times now. They told me they would replace it if it did it again after they repaired it this time. So far the repair is holding but I'm afraid it's going to go past the warranty and then break down irreparably. Beware, Hotpoint used to mean quality but not any more! Sausalito - Hotpoint Refrigerators just plain sucks! I bought a new Hotpoint side by side refrigerator about nine months ago. In that time, both refrigerator drawers have broken, the ice machine keeps freezing up, and the filter only lasts three months! Plus, the fruits and vegetables keep freezing. If I turn it up so they don't freeze, it ends up too hot to be safe (above 40 degrees F). San Rafael -Hotpoint Washer need repair again Have always had HOTPOINT washers and tumble dryers for years. Will never have anymore, the worst thing that happened to Hotpoint was for them to be taken over by GE Kentfield - Hotpoint Electric Dryer Control board catches fire After 3 years and 8 service calls, the control board catches fire. We have replaced this board previously under Hotpoint Appliances service plan. In 2011, the same control board catches fire 5 weeks out of warranty. After sending pictures of the damage which clearly shows that the control board does not meet UL safety requirements and the fuse not blown, Hotpoint will not do anything but offer a replacement board at a discount or a $75 gift card. Sausalito - Hotpoint Dishwasher rusting We build our house in 2010. After one month, one of the hinges on the dishwasher went bad. I notified Hotpoint immediately. Shortly after that the inside (tube and door) started rusting. Hotpoint has sent 3 repairmen out and all of them have recommended replacing the unit since the parts cost are more than a new unit. Hotpoint response is that their products don't rust and we need to use an expensive soap. As for the hinge they say it is functioning well enough to hold the door so they don't want to repair it. Guess I will never buy another Hotpoint product!! Belvedere - Hotpoint Cooktop dangerous, may cause fire My wife and I came home from the store to find a burner on the cooktop was ON and VERY HOT! Apparently it has only been on a short time since it hadn't started a fire. All the burners were turned off but the light indicating a burner was turned on was lit. (I took a digital pic of it) Unable to shut it off at the stove I turned it off at the circuit panel. So I called consumer protection division of the US gov and filed a complaint.


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