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 GE is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see:
San Rafael - GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Nightmare!!! I bought a bottom freezer GE Refrigerator model number GDS18LBRAWW in 2009 and have had nothing but problems since.
Santa Venetia - No More GE Appliances For Me! No more GE Washer and GE Dryer or any GE appliances for me!!
GreenBrae - Keep away from GE ranges. My wife and I purchased a GE range in 2009 at a cost of over $1,600. The control panel has many problems, and we scheduled a repair. Technician told that the control panel needs to be replaced again, the third time. We are now told that the replacement part is no longer available. Our service contract will only provide $400 to replace the range.
San Anselmo - I don't know whom to go to, to get GE Gas Cooktop fixed. My wife and I purchased a GE gas cooktop and GE electric oven in July 2006. Since that time, my wife has smelled wisps of natural gas. Then I used leak detector on all the connections going to the oven--which showed no leaks. We had a service man out who could find no leaks. My wife's nose is more sensitive than mine, but even I can smell the gas. It is not a constant leak all the time. But when it leaks, you can sure smell it.
G(arbage) E(xtraordinare) GE Profile Washing Machine Repair The General Electric Profile Washing Machine (and the GE company) is dreadful/despicable. I purchased this appliance nightmare at Home Depot (stay the *** out of there) and the pump had to be replaced within four months of purchase.
San Anselmo - G.E. Microwave Repair 3rd time In 2002 we had a new kitchen installed and one of the items was above range G.E. microwave and since we have had 2 service calls and repairs for the exact same repair @ a cost of over 450.00 now again the same exact problem on 6/11/2011 I am super pissed I want G.E. to know that this microwave model # jvm 1653 in my opinion is an inferior product and should be recalled i am going to sent a strong complaint directly to general electric and i recommend that any other consumer with a similar problem do the same!!!
 Woodacre - G.E. dishwasher, quite but it does not clean dishes. We remodeled our kitchen this past summer, and replaced all of our appliances with GE Profile Series appliances. My problem is with the GE Profile dishwasher. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is quiet. unfortunatly, it does not clean dishes.
 Larkspur - GE Glass Electric Cooktop, GE Oven smoked so hot, almost caused fire. I have a GE glass top electric stove, 2 years old. The oven quit working last year, and I did not get it fixed, stored items in it as I had other cooking options. Today I woke up to a smoke filled house, apparently the self clean mode spontaneously came on during the night and melted all I had in sitting in the oven! I was lucky that I woke up when I did, as this could have caused a serious fire! I have a couple cats and they were cowering all over the house, trying to get away from the fumes. I hope their health is not compromised. Am airing out the house as I type this, this could have been much much worse! The entire stove was very hot all over, had to use some hot pads to pull it out from the wall so I could unplug it. Luckily, the wall behind it did not catch fire. It was so hot. This stove is dangerous! If you have a self cleaning GE oven, I would really be wary about it! Make sure your smoke detectors are up to date with fresh batteries!.
 Corte Madera - This GE side by side refrigerator is a piece of crap! The pipes freeze and the side of the fridge ices the copper pipe freezes and then defrosts ...
 Fairfax - I Am So Disappointed With My 6 Week Old GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model #GTH17JBXZRWW) I have been a GE refrigerator owner for 17 years ...

Mission District - I purchased my GE Profile Side by Side refrigerator new. After 4 years the evaporator fan in the freezer began to ...
GE Profile is the Worst Refrigerator Ever!!

 Marin County - Can't Wait to Put My GE Washer and GE Dryer in the TRASH
I am so disappointed with my GE Washer and Dryer . I have had it a few years now and its been nothing but problems.
 Ross - I purchased my GE Profile Dryer in 2007 and it has been nothing but trouble since the warranty expired . To get this baby up and running took a GE technician 4 trips and then I had to call a local appliance repair serviceman.
 Sausalito - General Electric GE microwave service again We bought in Marin County the convection GE microwave 3 years ago and in only about 12 months of use. Put in microwave popcorn and it started on fire. Product is no good and will not buy another GE Appliance product.
 Tiburon - GE Profile Dishwasher, It's only 3 years old and needs repairs non stop My GE Profile dishwasher is a piece of crap. I have taken every measure recommended by service personnel, including frequently running a costly dishwasher cleaner and I still have uneven cleaning and dirty dishes. The latest recommendation from GE service...Buy a new one!
 Belvedere - GE Dryer DHDSR46GGWW dead after 2.5 yrs I purchased a GE washer and Dryer from Home Depot 2 1/2 yrs ago. It stopped heating about 3 weeks ago. Today, the appliance repairman (not GE) said the ignitor was not working and the safety switch on the motor was on - as that was not working properly either. He said I would need to replace the entire motor and the total cost wb $400. He recommended buying a new dryer from Whirpool or Maytag. He said GE is the least expensive to buy but the most expensive to repair. I thought this dryer would last me 10 yrs.
San Rafael - GE cooktop fire danger We purchased a GE electric cooktop that has needed multiple repairs and been nothing but trouble.Within three years of purchase, thermostats in several burners started failing with disastrous results of ruined pans, and great fire danger,. A burner on its lowest heat setting would suddenly result in the burner automatically being reset to the highest setting!. This would happen with absolutely no notice.
Marin City - GE Front Load Washer. General Electric - Piece of crap I have a GE front load clothes washer and dryer that has given me nothing but trouble since day one. GE I hope you've enjoyed my business because a G...
Twin Peaks - Done with GE Dishwasher and all. And I thought it was just me. My GE Profile dishwasher, for which I paid a pretty penny has never cleaned well. I just discovered after years of dissatisfaction, that there must be a design flaw as I see many others with the same issues. I figured out today that the bottom and middle spray arms (which constantly are clogged) are not even spinning. The only thing working is the tiny top spray arm. What a joke!
 Kentfield - Inferior GE Washing Machine Less than 3 years old, this GE Hydrowave washer needed a $300 repair; the "Shaft and Mode Shifter," and the "Motor/inverter" were replaced--the very heart of the machine. The repairman, with 30 years experience, called it a "mechanical" failure and showed me the broken main PLASTIC gear on the shaft/mode shifter. I believe this is GE's inferior engineering or cost-saving technique for early obsolescence of the device. Truly disappointed with GE's one year warranty on a device that should be covered for 5 years. More...
 Mill Valley - Ge Profile Side by Side Model# pcf23wgtebb, Serial# am405513 I HATE my GE Profile side by side refrigerator model pcf23wgtebb, serial# am405513!!! I can honestly say it's never worked well from the beginning . How ...
 Novato - GE Side by Side Fridge (model #GSF25TGTBWW) We purchased our GE side by side Refrigerator model #GSF25TGTBWW in Aug '06 and now only 3.5 years later it stopped working. The control board (aka circuit ...
 Marin City - GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model #gbrc0gaxarww I bought my GE bottom freezer refrigerator (model #gbrc0gaxarww - which now called GBSC0HBXWW) in February 2008. It died 38 months later in May 2011.

 San Rafael - GE Side by Side Refrigerator (model DSHS5PGXCESS)
My GE side by side refrigerator is a terrible appliance.


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