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  Dacor is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Larkspur - The motherboard is out again on our Dacor stove.
Twice in five years. Oven is kaput. This is a very costly item to replace. Though only cosmetic, the motherboard panel, cracked twice as well. Our friends liked "the look" of the Dacor stove and bought one as well, but they too have had repairs, and also have a big crack in the motherboard. Dacor, you are a shame.

Fairfax - Dacor Dual Fuel Range Dangerous Condition!
I purchased a Dacor 36" dual fuel range 5 years ago. I reported the issue to Dacor via email with no response from customer service. I believe the no response was an attempt by Dacor to distance themselves from their responsibility for this potentially dangerous condition. Specifics: When pre-heating the oven in convection/bake mode, if the oven door is opened before reaching the set pre-heat temperature, a ball of flame will explode up from the opened door. The ball of flame is basketball sized and has singed eyebrows and hair on several occasions.
To reiterate - it is a ball of flame, not super-heated air that is the problem. As a result, after non-response from Dacor, we called a decor qualified repair technician who "diagnosed" the problem as a bad igniter. The igniter was replaced and the problem still exists. I fear that a small child may be severely burned by the engineering design fault.

San Anselmo - Dacor Double Oven Motherboard repair
About 3 years ago, I spent almost $5,000 on a Dacor double oven. We had it less than 3 months when the motherboard had to be replaced. About 3 months ago, I started to get various error codes and a continuous beeping. An authorized Dacor service repairman has replaced the motherboard three times. He was on the phone each time with Dacor, however we still get the error codes and Dacor has told the service repairman that they are stumped and don't know how to fix it. Here I am, having a beautiful expensive oven to look at but was unable to cook a turkey for my family yesterday! It seems that there is a major error in this oven, and I am stuck with a huge repair bill and an oven that does not work. I can only hope that Dacor will step up to the plate and come up with a solution or replace the oven which obviously is a lemon.

Belvedere -Dacor Duel oven range needs service technician again
We bought a six-burner, two-oven dual fuel range for $7,500 in 2004. It was for our dream kitchen. We have had nothing but problems with the large oven. We have now been told that it is not fixable, which makes the range useless for our large family. When we called customer service, they confirmed that the oven could not be fixed, and then tried to sell us a new Dacor. I wouldn't buy a Dacor appliance if they paid me to take it. I just wasted over $7,000.

San Rafael - Dacor gas cooktop a fire hazard
I bought a Dacor cook top back in 2008 and it has leaked gas from day one. I called my dealer they set me up with a Dacor technician who spent all of 1 hour checking it out and giving me a bill of $210.00. He told me that the gas leak is not in the unit but before the gas shut off. That's funny. When I shut the gas off at the valve, which I do after every use, the leak stops. It has been almost 3 years of dealing with this issue. This is a major safety issue. I cannot believe that a major company with such an expensive product are being allowed to continue their defective products. A big thumbs down for Dacor.

Marinwood - Add me to the Dacor hate list.
The $4300 Dacor oven installed in 2007 is now a whopping $6400. My motherboard #2 is broken and the glass on the door cracked which to me is a safety issue. This is a two adult, no kid household so figure. We use the oven about 7 times a year. My Dacor range / cooktop and hydraulic exhaust have both required service as well.

Lucas Valley - My Dacor oven would not work.
Neither the broiler nor oven element would heat. The dealer from whom we purchased the range had gone out of business. So, I wrote to customer service on the Dacor site. Dacor customer service was back to me within 24 hours with a suggestion on what might be wrong. My husband followed the easy directions and my oven is now working! I am very happy with the prompt reply from Dacor customer service. They even provided a dedicated phone number if we had problems.

Sausalito - Dacor Cooktop gas leak
There was an on-going issue with my Dacor cooktop. There's an on & off gas leak. The problem was addressed a few times but it re-occurred after the warranty had run out. I got in touch with the Dacor Service department and they helped us out to fix the problem.

Tiburon - Dacor Double Oven service
We purchased a very expensive Dacor double convection oven about 4 years ago. This was based on recommendations from friends who do a lot of cooking like we do, and the mistaken thought that this US company would be more inclined to support any future problem. We now have a problem with the control panel. Dacor's only response is that they do not make the part anymore and cannot help us remedy the problem. They even had the nerve to say that they would give us 10% off a new one. Except for the annoying buzzer sound, the stove works well. Buying a new one is a financial burden we never expected or want to accept. We are telling all of our friends to stay away from this manufacturer.

Kentfield - The Dacor Oven (model ER36SCH/NG) burners work
But the oven & the broiler burners will not. The circuit boards were replaced twice 2 times, under warranty, but still fail. I have to un-plug, or turn off then on the breaker to reset the circuit board. Dacor states that they are aware of defective boards, but are working on new replacement boards (no board yet). It's going on now, for over 6 months. Is there any news? I am very frustrated!

Mill Valley - Dacor microwave a fire hazard
We got a Dacor oven and microwave wall mounted Unit 7 model DMT 2420S when we remodeled our kitchen. I have had problems with the microwave with sparking on and off. I have stopped using it as I am worried about a fire.

Novato - Dacor Stove Repairs needed
I purchased a 48" Dacor Epicure stove in October 2010. We moved into our home in November just in time for Thanksgiving. We remodeled the kitchen and the stove is the focal point. When I heated the two ovens, the pre-heat mode stayed on but the ovens went to 600 degrees plus. My oven thermometers only read to 600. That happens every time and the fans stay on for hours. After many service calls, we have determined that the oven is going into a cleaning mode every time and is wired backwards. Dacor is ignoring me.

San Anselmo - Dual Fuel Dacor Stove, unhappy!!!
I purchased the Dacor duel-fuel stove three years ago. It cooks unevenly since day 1. I have been complaining since year one, no resolution, no assistance, etc. I am very very unhappy and will never purchase a Dacor again.

San Rafael - Dacor Double Oven same issues
I was disappointed that our double oven, which we loved, had sudden death at 8 years of age. It is an unfortunate result of the Silicon Age in which we live. However, the Dacor representative was able to help us replace the unit with a new one at an affordable price. It was a very helpful solution through a frustrating experience. I will continue to use Dacor whenever the opportunity arises. There's no damage, just happiness.

Mill Valley - Dacor Gas Cooktop ongoing service over 3 years
Our Dacor PGM series gas cooktop has a similar problem with the burners popping when the cabinets below are opened up. It too started as a small issue when we bought the home and progressively has gotten worse. The Tech said we needed a new burner cap. And recently, the reverse happened --- the burner caused the cabinet door below to open and hit someone's kneecap. We immediately turned off the gas and had it checked. No leaks were found below. Like the other person having the same problem (Nov. 2009), this unit is not suppose to stain. Customer service told me to use OFF oven cleaner. No change. Our front left burner area (same as the other person with the problem) is badly burned and stained and can't be cleaned. This has been ongoing for over 3 years.

Corte Madera - Dacor range poorly designed
Dacor Dual Fuel Range, purchased 2007. Bottom front door hinge broken. Oven light hasn't worked f0r 4 years. Front left burner hasn't worked for a year-it won't ignite and there isn't any clicking. Front panel is cracked. Door insulation hasn't held up. I just went online to find repair service to fix these issues but found this web site. Now I'm concerned with getting good service and repair costs. When the range was purchased, its price was on the upper end. I expected it to perform better than it has to date. At the time its design met my needs unlike other models. If I were to replace it now I have many similar choices and would choose one of those.

Fairfax - Dacor Oven failed 3 times
Purchased a Dacor Dual Fuel oven with ceramic broiler. Year after install the oven would not heat. Found after $150.00 that the igniter failed. One year after replacing the igniter it failed again. Then the bake heating element failed a year later and now the "mother board" appears to have failed. For an appliance that is marketed in the premium segment with a premium price $5000.00+ it is not acceptable for it to fail multiple times within three years from new purchase and light use. Breach of implied warranty of merchantability

Fairfax - Dacor wall oven. Their electronics are obviously bad.
My Dacor Wall over has had problems since the day it arrived with automatically shutting off in the middle of the cycle. I have had it serviced several times and no one seemed to know what was happening. I kept being told it was user error. Finally, I find out 4 years later that I have a bad relay circut board. Dacor refuses to acknowledge any issue with this part and will not stand behind the repair. I will never, never buy Dacor again.

Belvedere - DACOR EPICURE kitchen suite,
I actually built my new kitchen around it on Feb. 1, 2009: 1) Dacor Gas range (ER30G), 2) Dacor Dishwasher (ED24sch) , 3) Dacor Convection microwave, about 1 month later my dishwasher control was broken the dishwasher would just shut off leaving all the water on the bottom. 5 service calls later, even on christmas eve! it still does not work. as well as the oven, the control is bad. This oven is less than a year old, i have no intentions of waiting another year and 5 service calls. I think they have a bad product.

Greenbrae - Dacor Dishwasher need service technician 24/7
Our dishwasher has had a long repair history for only owning it for 2 years. It has been repaired 2 times under its 1 year warranty and 3 times under it extended warranty. Most recently, the company repairing the dacor dishwasher specified in this complaint took 3 weeks to recieve a part that was on 'back order' however, the day I called to follow up on why we had heard nothing on the status of the part, the company told me that coincidentally the part was being shipped the very day I called.

San Rafael - Dacor Duel Fuel Range Glass Shatters, faulty electronics
Our duel-fuel range has had problems for years. The glass oven door shattered (when it was still within warranty), plus multiple other issues. I hate the electronic control board, which makes it very difficult to set the timer.
The most recent problem is this: the oven light went out, which I thought was no big deal because I don't use the light that often. But now the light chatters on and off constantly. I took the bulbs out but the switch still chatters, noisily and VERY ANNOYINGLY.

Sausalito - 24" Dishwasher from Dacor for our new home.
Six months into the purchase the Dishwasher was not working properly. The mother board was replaced...under warranty. One year later, the mother board is now needing to be replaced again. We have been in our house 18 months, and I was told that it would cost around $500 to repair/replace the mother board. My plan is to take my money and go by a different dishwasher, and never use Dacor products again.

Tiburon - Dacor Built-in Microwave DMT2420S [2005]:
I pushed 'Baked potato', went outside to turn the steaks and found the kitchen engulfed in thick smoke. The micro clock showed '20 minutes to go'. It stopped when the door was opened, but the micro was ruined. No refund was given. It was our word against theirs.


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